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You Are Changing Lives

April 26, 2011

As we finish up prepping and packing for our Iron Girl Triathlon this weekend, I can’t help but think about each of you.  Each of you are changing lives, not just your life but the lives that surround you.  Your friends have called you crazy and secretly wished that they had the courage to try something as insane and exhilarating as this.  Your husbands and boy friends have probably been a bit jealous of the this new hobby that is taking up so much of your time, but they are also feeling more proud to be yours then you probably know!  Yes, they tell their friends and co workers that you are a triathlete!  Your children are inspired and amazed that their mother or grandmother or aunt is THAT STRONG!  Or as my niece put it, “I have a fast grandma.”  They are enamored with this thing called triathlon and if they are anything like my kids they want to do one!

You may not know it but you ARE changing lives around you.  You are changing the limits that people have put on themselves…  “If SHE can do it, so can I”!  You are changing attitudes!  You are changing habits!  You are changing health!  Thank you for having the courage to tri!  Thank you for doing something that IS really hard and believing in your self enough to even get out their and try.

We may not come in first place, we may even come in last but we are out there, swimming, biking and running!  Facing our fears and conquering them!

Alone just average, together strong as Iron!


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