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Average Tri Girl Team

May 2, 2011

What a phenomenal weekend ladies!!! I was amazed by your determination, motivated by your courage, and inspired by your willpower! I was brought to tears by your tenacity and overcome with emotion by your friendship. I love each and every one of you! We are Iron Girl sisters now. Bound together by our strength and up lifted by our potential. Our potential that has always been there but now we acknowledge it, we see it and we have embraced it. We ARE strong, we ARE able and we ARE Iron! We have done something and most women will never do. We have pushed harder then we ever thought was possible. We have shown our families that we can and we will and have done something extremely hard! We have felt the terror and embraced our fears, looked them straight in the eyes and concurred them! We have cheered each other along and made new friends and strengthened previous friendships. You have changed my life for the better and many others. Thank you so much for joining me for this journey! It has been and honor and privilege!

I want to know your thoughts. John and I have not stopped talking about it for days! We loved the shirts and jerseys! It made his job much easier! He got some great pictures and I am going to make a video for our after party. Please get me your photos so I have a great collection. Then I can hopefully get them all on a DVD for us to share at our party. Date tba! Also our team has a page now on facebook. Get on and “like” us!

I will be sending out the next race I am doing soon!


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  1. Conni Miller permalink

    I have unfinished business for next year, but I do NOT feel like I failed because they made the decision to take my chip. I could’ve made up the time after that fiasco of a swim. It was hard battling the not being able to breathe. It was my fault for not realizing that with what has been going on with me over the past few years that it would have been prudent to do some cold water acclimation months before this race. It will NOT happen again.

    The moment that will always stick in my mind the most (although there are many throughout that swim) is when I was told to get on the boat. I had my hand on the rung and looked towards the beach and I knew if I didn’t finish the swim I would feel like I had failed so I let go and started swimming again. I think Kyle or Curt (my lead kayaker) knew I needed to finish and promised to follow me to the beach. Two more joined in – Stephanie and Katherine (I think) and I had my 3 guardians to motivate me to shore. By the time I was in the last 50 meters, I had quite a following. That volunteer made sure to greet me with a huge hug when I passed the mats. (Kind of glad none of you were present because there were quite a few, um, colorful words coming out of my Jersey girl mouth.)

    I could’ve finished the race making up the lost minutes on the bike or the run, but what this did for me personally was give me another carrot to follow in my quest to conquer my physical issues. It has also given me a very motivational topic for my students and the kids in my boys’ classes on how not to quit and how to define failure. If I had gotten on that boat, it would’ve been my failure. Instead I can hold my head high and say next year I will finish what I started.

    (I did happen to pass a kidney stone yet again that morning. It must’ve been a small one because it was just uncomfortable, not painful.) :/

    I am so grateful to have met you in person finally and I thank you for giving my sisters and I the gift of this experience. If you hadn’t talked Cheryl into doing this last year, I would not have found my passion or been able to talk Cindy into doing this race. It was fun watching Cheryl and Cindy come in once I got over my grief of being taken out of the race. This really is the first thing I’ve ever seen Cindy do for herself and herself alone. Cheryl is just a rock! I can’t wait to see the video of the race!

    • Conni Miller permalink

      I meant to say that volunteer that was dealing with our group. I forget her name and wish I had gotten a picture of her. I hope she is there next year.

  2. Thank you Amanda, for leading us all to our own personal victories!

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