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Hi!  I am just your average girl.  An average height of 5’7″, an average weight of 135.  I eat ice cream on average 3 times a week.  My hair is average, my clothes are average and you wouldn’t think my hazel eyes are anything but average.  My smile doesn’t include bleached white straight teeth, it’s just average and although I am not overweight my figure isn’t amazing.  My torso is too long and my legs are too short and yes… there are lots of stretch marks!  I am like all the average women who go throughout their daily lives mostly unnoticed.

I am a 32 year old mother of four and in 2009 I became a triathlete! Just your average girl, doing average things. When I first got the triathlon spark within I thought I had gone crazy. Nope!!! I was just inspired. Inspired to swim, inspired to bike, inspired to run and I am inspired by other women who are just average like me who do the same!  I hope that you are inspired and uplifted by all the Average Tri Girls on this site!

Courage to Tri!

Do you ever have one of those days where the world seems fuzzy around you? Day 2 of fuzzy wuzzy has come and gone and I am sure hoping that in the morning I wake up to full brain capacity! Between trying to keep straight everyones jerseys, sizes and money and having lots of extra kids I feel like this is the first moment in the day where all I can hear are my chunky fingers punching each letter as I type. And then the clarity starts to come back.

Many times you hear the word triathlon and your first thought is “crazy!” or “never” or “not me”. You picture in your mind a skinny, muscular, dedicated person.  The first Iron Man Triathlon I remember watching was shortly after my husbands Grandpa died.  John and I watched the whole thing and teared up more than once during the broadcast.  The stories were so inspirational.  We were both moved and motivated to try a little harder and encourage each other more.  There was one story in particular that touch us about a Grandpa and Grandson completing the race together.  I was so overwhelmed with emotion thinking about what those two went through together to get to the finish line that I knew we needed to experience that!

One year and six months later as I was crossing the finish line at my first Iron Girl race and those strong feelings were back.  Only this time it was my 54 year old mother who was inspiring me, a friend with fierce determination, my two sisters, and my dear friend who couldn’t even put her face in the water and survived a panic attack in the water during the race.

That was back in 2009.  As we approach the April 30th, 2011 Iron Girl I look around at each of you and am once again inspired to tears.  We do not have perfect bodies, we do not have perfect lives, we are mothers, wives, daughters, teachers, employees, and friends.  We are Triathletes!  We may not look like your typical triathlete but we are determained and this helps us to become better mothers, wives, daughters, teachers, employees, and friends.  We are not only bettering our future through this experience, we are teaching our children and friends that anything is possible, we are strong, we believe in ourselves and each other and that friendship and support can help us through something that even we never thought we could do!

You ladies amaze me!  I am so proud to be a triathlete with you!  Thank you for inspiring me to have the courage to Tri!

Happy Training!

Mandy —  Alone just average, but together strong as iron!


If you would like to send us your story to inspire other women please do!

Please include:



Age (only if you want to share):

How did you get involved?

Why are you tri- ing?

What is the hardest part about training for the race?

What is your favorite thing about training and racing?

How do you fit the training into your busy schedule?

What are some of your race fears?

If you have done one before How do you feel during the race?

How do you feel at the finish line?

What would you say to women who are thinking about doing it?

What inspires you?

Favorite Inspirational quote?

Other Races you have done in the past? (5K’s, bike, etc)
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